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Davesfunstuff Fundraising Page

Hello there.

You landed here instead of one of our subdomain pages due to the low volume of Amazon affiliate sales, which helps pay for website hosting.

It's time you do your part to help return this subdomain to its normal state. Once I receive enough funds to pay for labor and other expenses over the course of three years ($120,000), then I will return this site to normal.

You are urged to use my Amazon link to purchase goods or to donate cash. Here is my Amazon link:


You can also scroll down this page to see the Amazon 3x3 tables of products you can click on or use the Amazon search link on this page to search for stuff.

Every bit of purchase helps.

Thank you for your help.

Please Donate Today

We use PayPal for secure transactions. Please select a dollar amount below.

Or click here to donate:


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